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the after-sales service regulations 

       adhering to the "customers first" and "to provide users with reliable products and quality service" concept, the regulation is made based on "the people's republic of product quality law" and the cta quality of commitment to the enactment of this provision.

first, the scope of application: the regulations apply to cta regulator. 

second, during the three guarantees period, the customers will enjoy three guarantees conditions(including baotui,baohuan and wanrranty) since the products sold within one year from the date of failure. 

third, the following conditions do not belong to three guarantees 

1, over the period of three guarantees products 
2, damage caused by the non-normal use to the regulator 
3, no company logo products 
4, the shape of the damage

forth, three guarantees and other: 

    we are apologized for the inconvenience caused by our quality problems, and to ensure our high-quality products and efficient service to your normal use of our products.

fifth, there is three guarantees in a period of quality problems, we will provide you with specific circumstances baotui, baohuan or warranty service.
trouble-free return regulator requirements: 

1、in the trouble-free return on the original price regulator to receive 50 percent recorded, after renovation by the original price to return to customers, where users pay 50% of the original renovation costs. failure regulator recorded by the original price, the deduction of loans, not renovation.
2、 regulator fault identification: as for the returned regulators by customers, our company will be in strict accordance with the relevant standards testing and to report promptly to the customer testing.
3、 the inconvenience detection of regulator by customers or they can not determine whether there is fault, we may support to help static detector test for all models of regulator.

sixth: the regulations will perform on may 1, 2007.

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