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beijing zhongfang hengyuan automobile electric appliances co., ltd., established in december 2006, its predecessor for the china textile academy of sciences productivity promotion center electronic project department, and in 1995 established the automobile electric appliances co., ltd., hebei stars as a production base of the product. 

over the years, in beijing zhongfang hengyuan automobile electric appliances co., ltd., 

under the unremitting efforts, the cta product design, the manufacture level of substantial increase, think get the market products at the same time, also received more widespread attention and praise. over three hundred production of regulator, which covers domestic models and some imported cars. cta regulator stable quality and reasonable price is deeply trusted by customers, has been used by the various automobile motor factory. company set up a special dealer network across the country, as the company ?

beijing cta. automotive electric appliance co., ltd.

no.3,yanjingli middle street , chaoyang district, beijing, china.

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