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legal bulletin

legal bulletin

     all the information, document, product, service, logo, graphic and picture in this website(below as “documents”) have patent rights or trade marks registered, and belong to the property of zhong fang heng yuan auto electronics co. ltd.. any means of using these documents from website without prior permission, will be considered against law of patents, trade marks and communications. 

    beijing zhong fang heng yuan auto electronics co. ltd., shall authorize partial right on the basis of personal computers of their users, for the personal usage purpose to display the documents. users shall strictly respect and not copy, spread, sell, publish, and broadcast or leak any information included in the documents. users shall not copy and paste any contents out of this website to any news group, email list or bulletin. users have no right to modify, edit, change or add on the contents from the documents without prior written notice to beijing zhong fang. if user violates any provisions mentioned above, we have the right to terminate all usage activities of the user without any prior notice to the user. once usage permission is terminated, all documents obtained or downloaded from the website shall be destroyed right away without prior notice to the user. 

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